We make fixed fees the norm,
not the exception

Going through a divorce, separation or other legal matter can be stressful. The last thing we want to do is to add to your stress with unexpected legal bills.

Many lawyers charge you for every single letter, email and phone call. We believe that there’s a better way to operate – which is why we offer the majority of our services at a fixed fee.  Using a fixed-fee service means you can talk with us for as long and as often as you need without worrying about running up a bill. It also allows you to plan and budget accordingly.

Together, we can do divorce differently.


Our Fee Structure

Our aim is that working with us, you will be able to plan and budget with a clear understanding of all the costs of the process and necessary steps required to complete your matter and move you into your new life chapter.

Our fixed fees are tiered to allow you the freedom to select the best option to suit your needs and your budget:

This is our limited service for those happy to do the work themselves and access some guidance and legal advice along the way.
This is our medium service for those more confident to do some of the work themselves. We provide the guidance and legal advice and also document your settlement agreement for you.
This is our highest level of service - we take the pressure off you. We will take care of all the legal work, document your settlement agreement whilst guiding, supporting and advising you every step of the way.

Where your circumstances are more complex such as cases involving significant assets or complicated company structures, or your case involves uncertain legal issues, where you and your ex-partner are involved in a dispute with high levels of conflict, or you are involved in the court process, we may need to work for you on an hourly basis, rather than fixed fee. However, these cases will be the exception and not the rule and we are happy to discuss all your payment options at each stage.

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