Children have rights – Parents have responsibilities

We know your children are the most important people in your life and that's why our focus is to guide you along the most appropriate pathway to achieving the best outcome for their future. Parenting arrangements differ from family to family and largely depend on the needs of your children and how well you and your ex can co-parent and communicate:

+ Your current arrangements are working well. You may need our assistance to prepare a Parenting Plan or Parenting Consent Orders.

+ Your current arrangements are not working that well and you need some help. We can provide you with legal advice and your options to help you resolve matters including a referral to mediation or family therapy which may assist you develop your co-parenting relationship and work towards achieving the most positive and sustainable outcomes for your family.

+ If your co-parenting relationship has broken down, or there are risk factors present such as family violence, or you already find yourself in Court, we can also assist you with specialist attention, advice and support.

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