Amanda & Josh
After providing Amanda with legal advice, including various options in which she could resolve matters with Josh outside the court process, she was referred to one of our recommended mediators. Josh also agreed to attend mediation.

After a few mediation sessions, an agreed Parenting Plan was developed for Lexie, which Amanda and Josh are happy with and agree meets Lexie’s best interests.
They have also agreed to head back into mediation in 6 months’ time to see if any of the arrangements need to be ‘tweaked’ to ensure Lexie is happy and thriving.

Legal costs were limited in this instance as an agreement was reached in mediation instead.
Amanda and Josh have a 5 year old daughter Lexie.

They both have flexible working arrangements so have been able to shared Lexie’s care throughout their relationship including relying on childcare and help from family members when required. Lexie has just started Prep.

Separation has been difficult and there isn’t much trust between the couple, although both want the best for Lexie’s future.

Amanda is worried that she and Josh will end up in Court and neither can afford this process.
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