Collaborative PROCESS
Joan & Dave
Joan came to us through a referral from our collaborative professional network and Dave has engaged a family lawyer through this network too. As Dave works in the finance section, and has managed the family’s finances, he confident dealing with numbers. Joan isn’t as confident and she is worried about her financial future.

We put Joan into contact with one of our recommended Financial Planners who helped her consider and understand what she needs to be comfortable in the future.

All the necessary financial documents were exchanged and the asset pool agreed. As their lawyers both have a collaborative mindset and have worked with each other before, both are provided with legal advice and several settlement options to consider before convening for a settlement conference.

Dave and Joan resolve matters in the joint settlement conferencewith their lawyer’s support and their settlement documents are finalised. Joan and Dave continue to remain amicable, both come away with a settlement package where they will both be comfortable, and they haven’t spent a fortune on legal costs.
Joan and Dave met when they were young and neither of them owned anything of value.

Both worked hard to save a deposit for their first home and to acquire other assets and investments along the way. Joan took time off when the children were born and then returned into the workforce on a part time basis, also looking after the kids’ needs and managing the family’s household. Dave has a great career and was the main ‘breadwinner’ during their marriage.

Joan and Dave combined all their efforts during their marriage and are now financially comfortable with a lovely family home (which is too big as the children have left), healthy savings and investment accounts, share portfolios and also a Self-Managed Super Fund.

Dave’s retirement date is next month and he’ll be able to access his superannuation. Joan is happy to continue working part time but only a day there and there. Both are healthy and have no major health complaints.

Joan and Dave agree they should both obtain independent legal advice to ensure they get things right. They don’t want to engage aggressive lawyers but family lawyers who will support and guide them to reach an amicable property settlement.

Jacqueline Philip is our collaborative specialist
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